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Founded in 2018, ASFALIS Inc is a cloud based global Insurtech Warranty as a Service (WaaS) provider specializing in the delivery of turnkey warranty services for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

The ASFALIS WaaS platform provides a completely automated workflow designed to seamlessly support Product Performance Guarantee (PPG) management.

Utilizing the latest in AI technologies the ASFALIS WaaS platform is comprised of the following components: a registration app, a fully regulatory compliant data management platform, combined with integrated customer care, claims processing, claims adjudication and electronic payment systems.

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Product Performance Guarantee (PPG)

In a competitive market, OEM’s are looking for new ways to differentiate their products from the rest, many are exploring the concept of offering a Product Performance Guarantee (PPG) to deliver a new value proposition to customers.

What is a Product Performance Guarantee (PPG)?

A Product Performance Guarantee (PPG) is a specialized type of warranty which is offered by an OEM whereby if a product fails to adequately perform its intended task and a customer suffers a quantifiable loss as a result of this failure then the OEM provides compensation directly to the customer by way of a financial reimbursement up to a specified maximum benefit amount.

PPG Programs benefits: 

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Provides an unique sales proposition for OEM partners

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Complements device insurance programs

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Helps differentiate products

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Widely accepted by end consumers

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Increases retailer gross profit margin

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